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Lemax Halloween 2019 Grim Balloon #94485 Free Shipping 48 States 2019





Balloon revolves above the base.
  • Approx. size (H x W x D) 
    14.92 x 8.46 x 4.72 inches 


We are Lemax Dealers and on large pieces we open and inspect every piece due to poor epoxy. Upon occasion small glued pieces come unglued and need reglued. These pieces are not broken but only loose. We have on numerous occasions reported these defects and hope they only get better. Until then we will continue to inspect each large piece. If you receive a damaged piece the damage was a result of transit and poor epoxy a simple super glue fix is in order. Do not be surprised that the box shows being opened. We do not have used pieces. When we have a defective or severely repaired piece we always advertise them at reduced prices. Those items are identified with the original item number with a suffix of X an example is 84321X. If you ask we will gladly test any item. However, the item may look like a used piece since it was removed and tested. Over the years Lemax items have improved and are known for their animation. We enjoy offering this line and hope you to will enjoy your collection. If there are any questions or concern’s please email us. Delectable Collectibles